A man has been arrested for trying to pass himself off as owning a sports car belonging to radio and TV personality Mike Hosking.

The NewstalkZB Breakfast radio host today revealed a man had allegedly attempted to use number plate details of his white Audi R8 and claim it was his car.

Hosking said a segment in Three's Jono and Ben show led to the car's details being broadcast.

He said comedy duo Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce had "hijacked" him leaving the NZME building in the sports car last year for their "niche market television programme" but failed to sufficiently blur his number plate.


"Some reprobate watching the programme sees my number plate, and we haven't got to the bottom of why he did it, and so he took my number and he made it his own."

Hosking said it wasn't until he was contacted by police that he became aware a man he did not know was claiming to own the Audi.

It was only when the man tried to use the car in a financial transaction that the alleged fraud was uncovered.

The man was arrested yesterday and will face a charge of providing a false statement to police. He is due to appear in court next week.

The car that appeared on the television show has since been sold.

Hosking said it raised personal security issues regarding changing vehicle ownership.

Nothing stopped anyone getting people's details and using number plates and passing it off as their own, he said.