Maybe the Bachelor is getting as tired of these cocktail parties as the rest of us because last night he just culled two women at once for no apparent reason.

Jess and Rosie were the weakest links and got voted off the island on Sunday night's episode - Rosie, because there was "a wall between her and Zac" and they never managed to connect, and Jess's unclear, especially as Ally is somehow still there despite seeing Zac less often than I see my dentist.

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The three "intruders" all stayed though, and Sarah got to do intimate couples yoga with the Bach (because how often does a first date include "touching bums"?) as well as a romantic boat ride, some lounging and a whole lot of close-ups of hands on thighs.


Sarah, at least, is the first of the women to come into this holding the power. She isn't just there for the sake of being there, she wants to know what Zac has to offer her and the world and if he's good enough for her - not the other way around.

Meanwhile, the original bachelorettes are starting to lose it. A fair few of them are at their wit's end and it is definitely showing.

On a date with some elephants, Bel unravelled and just started yelling and waving her arms around to get Zac's attention, prompting Lily to astutely point out: "Bel was bloody off the charts".

Lily, meanwhile, was just being Lily, having a great time and paying little attention to Zac.

"That was probably an 11 out of 10," she said of the date. "Zac's alright too but those elephants man, they are so great."

Claudia won the one-on-one time after the elephant date and Bel sharpened her claws, whinging about how Claudia conned an elephant to get a date.

And at the cocktail party, Ally stole Lily's writing-on-the-leg, "I've got something for you up my skirt" trick, the women played a game of "who's most likely to turn lesbian" because (ignoring the fact that that's not how sexuality works) clearly they've had enough of Zac and are considering other options.

Meanwhile, Viarni just plain snapped. The second Zac sat down she sniped: "What's your game plan, Zac?" with the tone of someone asking, "Who the hell do you think you are?"


Zac responded appropriately (with pure fear) and then took Lily away for a chat because she's the only one not losing her mind. She sat Zac down and had some laughs, letting him know that she does really want to be with him and turning on the charm.

And let me just say this: Lily's got game. She's the best flirt in that house and if Zac doesn't date her when this is all over, I certainly will. (Call me).

Either way, we're down to nine women and this year's Bachelor has such an impressive budget we're jetting off to Bangkok for Monday night's episode, at which point, "Shit's getting real."