Josh Meeuwissen is reportedly "considering legal action against Channel Seven" over his portrayal as My Kitchen Rules' villain.

Woman's Day claims the 26-year-old is considering the drastic step amid a refusal to do further media interviews.

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Josh's time on the reality TV has been marred with controversy, with the self-described "seafood king" brutally dressing down other contestants' dishes and calling rival cook Amy a "slut", the Daily Mail reports.


During an interview with Australia's Kyle and Jackie O Show last month, Josh sensationally claimed a producer had one occasion tried "blackmailing" him to say certain things on camera.

"Several teams were definitely heavily pressured into answering questions by producers," he said.

When pressed to give examples, Josh described one occasion when a producer wanted him to discuss something he wasn't comfortable talking about, following him and wife Amy back to their hotel room.

"If I didn't do certain things they were going to portray it differently. And they were telling me how they were going to edit it unless I play ball," Josh claimed.

Josh's wife Amy has also leaped to the couple's defence, telling The Daily Telegraph she was deeply unhappy about their portrayal on the show.

"It makes me angry the way they have depicted some situations," Amy said. "I haven't been pleased with the way we've been represented."

She also denied rumours that they had split after the couple were shown fighting constantly while cooking on My Kitchen Rules.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Channel Seven for comment.