A Dutch TV show in which a woman stands on a podium while men guess whether she's fat or pregnant, or has real or fake breasts, has left viewers outraged.

The TV show Neem je zwemspullen mee (Take your swimming clothes with you) immediately enraged viewers and critics alike after it was broadcast for the first time on Dutch public television this week, the Daily Mail reports.

The show saw a woman with a little bit of a tummy showcased on a revolving platform while two famous guests were asked the question: "Is this woman fat or pregnant?"

Noticeably uncomfortable, the two men discussed the answer and in the end decided that the woman had to be pregnant. But to their shock she answered that she was "not pregnant."


Another woman was then put on the revolving platform so the two men could inspect her breasts to determine whether or not they were real. They then correctly guessed the answer that they were real.

Another team of two famous Dutchmen were faced with answering the dubious question of whether a man "was Polish or a plasterer".

After jokingly saying: "Isn't it the same?" they settled for the answer that the man was a Pole and not a plasterer, but again they guessed wrong.

While the show got only meagre applause from those in the audience, the critics and viewers at home were even more negative in their opinions.

TV critic Han Lips for daily newspaper Parool called the show "pitiful and embarrassing".

He added: "I hope they did not lose the receipts for this experiment. Perhaps they can still return and refund this waste of money."

Netizens who watched the show at home were outraged at body-shaming women on public television.

One woman wrote: "Objectifying women with taxpayer's money, this TV show can do it all."

Another netizen called it a "tasteless TV show" with "a totally misplaced sense of humour".

The show only attracted 304,000 viewers, which is not much for a Dutch prime time show on a Sunday evening where the top shows easily get more than a million viewers.

The programme was reportedly successfully tested last summer as a pilot on another TV show.

The Dutch Public Broadcaster said that back then "the Fat or Pregnant item did not get any reactions".