Surely it's every celebrity interviewer's worst nightmare.

You've got a super-famous celeb sitting across from you and, in an attempt to foster a bit of an instant rapport, you offer up your hand for a friendly high five.

Only problem is, your hands don't connect - instead, you smack the celeb right in the face, sending their (no doubt expensive designer) sunglasses flying.

This is the rather spectacular opener to a new Nicole Richie interview with web series Talk Stoop.


In the opening seconds of the chat, The Simple Life reality star turned fashion maven mentions to host Cat Greenleaf that she's excited her usually dry home city of Los Angeles has a rare rainy forecast.

That's when Greenleaf goes in for the high five - and slaps Richie right in the face.

Let's break this down, frame by frame:

There's a lesson here. When it comes to celebrity interviews: