Busy Philipps has sworn off using Uber after she was "almost murdered" during a trip home at the weekend.

The Cougar Town star took to Instagram to detail her ordeal, first sharing a photo of herself with the caption: "Seconds before I was almost murdered by a random dude in an Uber..."

She then told the whole tale on her Instagram story, starting with her and her husband Marc Silverstein leaving a restaurant and leading into a series of almost 50 short videos.

They ordered an Uber and when they got into the SUV, she felt immediately uncomfortable.


"I say [to Marc], 'What's going on, are we about to get murdered?' Philipps said.

"A man that we didn't know existed in the back seat pops up...and he was like, 'I promise that's not going to happen.' It was very creepy the way he chose to say it, even though he wasn't going to murder us, he made it seem like he might."

"I started screaming, 'I'm not going to be killed today! I will not f--king be killed today!'...'No! You cannot kill us! F--k no!'" Phillips continued.

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The actress said she and her husband then jumped out of the car.

Uber is said to be looking into the incident as, according to E! News, an Uber source said the couple provided feedback detailing how they'd had a second rider with them in a single ride they had ordered - which is a violation of the company's terms of service - and did not report any safety incident.

"People think that I should've called the police maybe, but I feel like...we're in L.A., guys. It would have taken them easily an hour to get there," Philipps said. "Also, what are my charges? 'There was a creepy guy?' I don't think that's illegal."

Either way, Philipps says she's "done with uber" - "Never again. Never again! That was legitimately the scariest, weirdest, worst thing that's ever happened in a car situation for me."