The Bachelor New Zealand

season 3 has seen its first meltdown.

Five episodes into the show and Zac found his quest for love upstaged by a powerhouse of female best friend-hood in Katey and Lucia, which was soon ripped apart when Zac decided to send Katey home.

Cue a devastated cry from the inconsolable Lucia, followed by a sun-kissed montage of the pair's short-lived friendship.


To be honest, I'm sad to see Katey go. Although rather ruthless and scathing of their fellow bachelorettes, she and Lucia often felt as if they were the only ones who were having any fun here.

Tonight's episode saw Claudia taken on a lavish single date at the Kelliher Estate. Zac noted that it was "quite a romantic place to take a girl," which I suppose is true, if again your idea of romance is being rich. There was a stiff dancing lesson, a candlelit dinner, and a live string trio to accompany their evening dance - after which all was sealed when Zac stole his first bachelorette kiss.

Notably, Claudia and Zac's conversation at dinner touched on Zac's previous battle with depression. The inclusion of this is commendable, especially on a show that was beginning to drag its feet a bit. Kudos to The Bachelor for using its platform to open up conversations such as this, and to Zac for his vulnerability and honesty.

The group challenge/Masterchef competition was a little uncomfortable; beyond being a glaring advertisement for Tim Tams, the idea of the girls working in teams to make food for Zac was just kind of weird.

Lucia and Katey's winning cake secured them a group date up the Sky Tower with a five-course meal. This, however, became more of a catch-up for the sisters while Zac quietly sank his beer.

Meanwhile, Dom is increasingly reminding me of an enthused uncle at a school soccer game. He's always very eager to make the dates and challenges fun, and every conversation he has with Zac feels like he's trying to make him his protégé. It's a little strange.

The cocktail party saw Nina open up about her insecurities and Hannah bond with Zac over their sporting histories. Katey tried her utmost to make Claudia and Zac feel uncomfortable about their kiss, but it was ultimately she who paid the price with her elimination.

We'll be interested to see how Lucia copes without her number one tomorrow, and whether she'll even have room to think about Zac. Katey & Lucia forever.