A New Zealand model who once claimed her drink was spiked at a Justin Bieber party has posted a video of a white powder on Instagram.

Bailey Scarlett shared the video to her Instagram story on Saturday morning, showing a white substance on a coffee table, the Daily Mail Australia reports.

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In 2015 Scarlett wrote a lengthy post on Facebook alleging she had been been given drugs at a party hosted by the Canadian hit maker while touring Australia, later giving a tearful interview to A Current Affair in which she claimed to have 'never done drugs before in my life'.


Scarlett, who was 18 when she accused someone at Justin's party of spiking her drink, captioned the video of the powder: 'Don't do drugs kids.'

Earlier photos on Scarlett's story show her out at a nightclub, clutching an alcoholic drink.
"When it's been a rough night," she captioned one photo of tequila shots.

After posting the video of the white substance, Scarlett and her friends appear full of energy, dancing wildly around a room and skulling a glass of wine.

"Wake up and dance," Scarlett writes in one video post, time stamped on the social media site at 5.52am.

She wears a lacy white ensemble, adding a Snapchat filter as she grooves to some music.

The last video on her story shows Scarlett and her friend returning home from their night out.

In 2015, Scarlett was among a group of models selected to attend a party for the What Do You Mean singer at a recording studio afterwards in Melbourne.

In a Facebook post afterwards, the model claimed she had a few sips of a mixed vodka drink and "did a shot with Justin" before she started feeling unwell.

"By this time I started to feel overly drunk and not right at all, my vision was ridiculously blurred I felt like I was seeing 10 faces at once, my lips, hands and toes felt numb and I become incoherent," Scarlett wrote.

Freaking out, Scarlett said at first Bieber comforted her, taking her aside and saying "Look into my eyes, you're okay... you're just having a panic attack".

But the model said he later claimed she had done it for attention, telling others at the party she had caught "Bieber Fever".

Scarlett eventually left the party in an ambulance, but did not do a drug test.

Speaking to A Current Affair afterwards Scarlett said she was 'basically just screaming' for an ambulance.

'I've never done drugs before in my life and that's why the feeling was foreign to me,' she said. 'A really scary, scary feeling.'