A touch of kitten fur behind the ear

They have bottled perfumes based on everyday scents, like Laundromat, Grass and Leather but now New York Demeter Fragrance Library (DFL) have release of a new fragrance - Kitten Fur. Which smells like "a combination of skin and sunshine", according to DFL CEO Mark Crames, keeping things vague. To identify and replicate the scent signature produced by a place or object, perfumers may use a technique called headspace technology, where they isolate and sample the air near its source, in order to build a chemical fingerprint that can be replicated in the lab, he explains. Plant based scents are much easier to recreate and even the New Baby scent was easier to reproduce with the smells of lotion, powder and baby shampoo. Bacon and Puppy's Breath are still in development.

History repeats on a daily basis

Following a recent post in Sideswipe pertaining to flatulence facts, here are David Read's Alternative Farting Facts:

1. Farting is often triggered for someone by pulling their finger.

2. Listening to fart jokes also reduces mitochondrial damage.


3. In pre-Victorian times women loved their men to fart and would boast about their spouse's prowess.

4. As much as your dog loves your farts, your cat loves them more.

5. The idea that farts contribute to global warming is Fake News.

6. In more genteel times, farting in an elevator was considered an act of kindness, as it distracted people from thinking about how unsafe elevators were back then.

7. During the Siege of Leningrad in the World War II, Stalin ordered troops to collect their farts for them to be compressed into liquid form and used as fuel for flamethrowers.

8. An early DC Comics superhero reject was Gassy Boy, whose superpower was an endless supply of powerful and violent farts he could direct at his enemies.

Baptism celebration a runaway success

Late last month, more than 100 people who claimed to be celebrating a baptism sat down to a banquet at a restaurant in Bembibre in northern Spain. The group had appetisers and entrees and quaffed 30 bottles of wine, but as restaurant staff prepared to serve dessert and coffee, the merry celebrants got up to dance in a conga line and danced out of the restaurant and into the night. Leaving an unpaid bill of about 3000 ($4615). Police have arrested a man who is also suspected of plotting the same scheme on another restaurant in another town. (Source: NPR.com)

Leading shampoo

Someone thought the British Prime Minister was a shampoo. In a conversation on Twitter a user named Danielle asked the question just "Who is Theresa May?" -- one of her followers helpfully replied "It's the shampoo".

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