He's the controversial My Kitchen Rules judge that has ruffled a few feathers.

And in a promo clip for Channel Seven's programme Sunday Night aired on Tuesday, Pete Evans revealed he has been suffering from a crippling condition according to Daily Mail.

"It's something that's been with me my whole life," the Paleo enthusiast shared to camera.

Dressed down in a T-shirt and casual trousers, the personality appeared ready to not only reveal his crippling condition, but to also address the many claims that he's been at the centre of.


"You have your critics, there are controversies, let's just share the truth," Pete says in the opening moments of the clip.

The chef has made headlines, not so much for his recipes, but rather his controversial claims.

Pete has alleged that sunscreen is dangerous, fluoride is poison, and calcium in dairy is a myth and the biggest marketing ploy.

The outspoken star has also been at the centre of rumours surrounding a rift with MKR co-host Manu Feildel, which he has denied in recent televised interviews.

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Not one to shy away from speaking his mind, Pete warned his fans on social media not to use conventional sunscreen, claiming they're full of "chemicals" and promoted an unregulated zinc-based product instead.

Skin cancer survivors blasted the TV presenter and a spokesperson for Cancer Council Australia said his comments were "irresponsible" and "quite dangerous".

The furious backlash from the public forced Pete's wife Nicola Robinson to jump to his defence.

The former Kiwi glamour model said in a lengthy Instagram post: "There's just no need for fear filled name calling or slander, just mature conversation between truth seeking, authentic people whose combined, core driving force is to create a better life for all".

Pete and his wife Nicola Robinson have claimed fluoride toothpaste is "toxic" and instead, use a homemade, remineralising toothpaste.

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Nicola posted to Instagram last year: "There's plenty of information about our pearly whites coming to light too!

"Like the arising knowledge about tooth remineralisation - an Earth Suit function that many teeth enthusiasts once deemed impossible! A simple 'Google' search will lead you all over the show and enlighten you as to how to care for your precious ivories inside and out."

The natural remedy consists of calcium powder, baking soda, coconut oil and other minerals Diatomaceous Earth and Xylitol Powder.