A former Iona College student is blaming her awkward first encounter with the bachelor for ruining her dream of finding love.

Monique Thomas-Long who grew up in Havelock North was one of three left without a rose at the first rose ceremony of the Bachelor New Zealand on Monday night.

Former Iona College student Monique Thomas-Long was one of three who didn't receive a rose at Monday night's New Zealand Bachelor rose ceremony. Photo/ supplied.
Former Iona College student Monique Thomas-Long was one of three who didn't receive a rose at Monday night's New Zealand Bachelor rose ceremony. Photo/ supplied.

"When I first saw him I thought he was such a babe but it probably didn't help that I insulted his mother. I was just so nervous so nothing was going through my head."

Ms Thomas-Long asked bachelor Zac Franich if he could tell her something interesting about himself and in the process offended his Australian blood.


"He told me his mum was Australian and he was half Australian so I said I don't know if that's impressive, but it didn't go down to well.

"There was such a silence and I couldn't say anything as nothing came to my mind and I was focusing on not tripping on my floor length dress."

Though her experience was short Ms Thomas-Long described it as a good one.

She entered the show two days before Christmas after her sister told her to take the "plunge".

"We played the water bottle flip game and said if it landed upright I would enter and well that's what happened. It was a sign I had to be on it."

Just weeks later Ms Thomas-Long got the call up so resigned from her job and began to pack her bags.

They were given a baggage allowance of 17kg for the 12 weeks, which the former bachelorette said was a tough ask.

"This was a small limit with toiletries included so I think it was a blessing in disguise that I was sent home early as otherwise I would have had to throw out a lot of clothes."

Despite only being in the house for two days Ms Thomas-Long said she met some amazing people especially among the girls.

She was taken to the mansion with bachelorettes Viarni and Bel who became her closest friends in the house.

She picked them as her hot favourites to steal Mr Franich's heart but then said it was anyone's game.

"In saying that it's everyone's game, it's obviously not mine."

With regards to clashes Ms Thomas-Long said she didn't realise how bachelorette Rosie felt about her until later on.

In what was a pretty heated scene between the pair the former bachelorette arose the next morning in the house oblivious to it.

"I think we all have pretty big personalities but it was interesting watching the episode on Monday night as you learn a lot like the conversations between Rosie and Taylar."

The 25-year-old was sad to be leaving and felt Mr Franich didn't get to meet the real her.

"I made a connection with the girls but it was sad as I went on with the intention of getting to know him better. You always hope to get to the end, not to be eliminated in the first round."

The hopeful had initially resigned from her job but after being in the house for just two days decided to try and win it back in what she described as a very awkward phone call.

Three representatives confirmed she was successful and had since got her job back.

"I am back to my normal life in Auckland now but I am really pleased I did it as it was a great experience."

Looking to the future Ms Thomas-Long said she hadn't been put off boys and was already back on the dating scene.

Last year's winner Fleur Verhoeven was also from Hawke's Bay and after winning the show was dumped by Jordan Mauger.