Online responses to the Bachelor NZ contestants have been mixed so far, with viewers torn between trashing the awkwardness and youth of the some of the young women and buzzing over their favourites.

Skater and snowboard instructor Lily was quick to impress, with Zach clearly excited to meet a fellow extreme sports enthusiast. They also bonded over shared Australian connections - and her "weird" off-the-cuff remarks have also won over Twitter:

The Awkward award went to Charlotte, who rehashed her entry three times to increasing embarrassment from Zach.

Bel is hoping to win Zach over with her baking prowess but Twitter was less than impressed with her use of Olivani spread instead of butter in the mixing bowl.


Clint Roberts decided Bel "has no soul" for baking with Olivani but Twitter user vanhudge pointed out she might have a dairy issue:

Morgan Borthwick has already called it for Bel going to the finals, noting the music changed when she walked in:

But perhaps the most poignant tweet of the night so far goes to a 10-year-old boy: