If you ever needed proof that a soundtrack completely sets the tone of a movie, this trailer is it.

While the Rowan Atkinson-created character of Mr. Bean might be known worldwide for his goofy and downright silly comedy, a new fan-edited trailer proves he could've become someone very different from his beloved persona.

The trailer, aptly named Mean Bean, was expertly edited by Youtube user John Loberger and turns the much-loved Mr. Bean into a psychotic murderer.

The trailer jumps right into "proving" Mr. Bean is a complete psycho and uses scenes from the 1997 movie Bean.


Rowan Atkinson's character is seen licking his electronic razor and scaring policemen in a holding cell as dramatic, creepy music plays in the background.

The trailer builds to a climactic ending to prove once and for all that Mr. Bean is a murdering maniac.

If you want to ruin your carefree childhood of loving Mr. Bean for the daft man he was, you can watch the whole creepy trailer below.

While Mr. Bean is a character loved the world over, the show actually only aired for 14 episodes from 1990-1995.

But despite the small number of episodes, Rowan Atkinson's character later inspired two films: 1997s Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie (which made $356 million worldwide) and 2007s Mr. Bean's Holiday (which made $325 million worldwide).