He's known to be a charmer with the ladies.

And on Wednesday's Kyle and Jackie O Show, three different girls and a man called into the program, claiming they had all had got intimate with Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, 23, in recent years.

"He got out his d**k," claimed one female, before going on to say that they "did the deed."

A female going under the name of 'Kora' claimed she got intimate with Justin last year, when the crooner was staying at The Pullman Hotel in Sydney, the Daily Mail reports.


Hoping to persuade co-hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson into believing her, Kora said: 'I was at the carpark waiting for his car to come out. A black hire car came out and Justin said "Hi".

"Justin and his security guard started murmuring to each other. The security guard asked, 'What are you guys doing later? Would you like to come up to the hotel?'"

While up at the hotel room with five other friends, Kora claimed that there was a lot of "small talk."

"He got out his d**k,' Kora claimed, with the star reportedly saying: 'Come in here, I've got something to show you.

"He leaned in closer,' and we "did the deed."

Another girl going by the name 'Sam' claimed she was with Justin at an indoor skate park, before being cut off by co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson, who failed to believe her.

While another reportedly met Justin while at a carpark at The Sheraton Hotel in Sydney in 2013.

Women however were not the only ones to call in, with a male going under the name of 'Joe' suggesting and clearly joking that he and Justin "had a moment' while having a joint on the beach."

Daily Mail Australia reached out to Justin's management for comment.

The claims come shortly after The Daily Telegraph reported that Justin had "hand-picked twelve glamorous models" for a luxury cruise on board vessel, The Pearl, in Melbourne last week.

And a video published by gossip site 15 Minutes Of Fame, recently surfaced, that saw the Sorry hitmaker disembarking the vessel with a bevvy of beauties.

Justin was dressed down in oversized sweats and was the first to leave, followed by a group of scantily-clad females.

It was also reported by The Daily Telegraph that Justin's sailing squad were required to sign non-disclosure agreements and leave their phones, prior to boarding.

caption this ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿฅ‚

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Instagram models Roze Cook and Nyssa Large were also said to be hand-picked by the crooner.

While on the yacht, Justin was pictured shooting a wry smile while dressed in relaxed attire and clutching his smartphone.

He was later seen sitting among the slender beauties, checking his phone intermittently.

While Instagram models Roze Cook and Nyssa Large were said to be chosen by the crooner, a source recently told Daily Mail Australia that Melbourne-based Chadwick model Chontelle Berryman was also in attendance.

And one of the blonde beauty's most recent social media snaps appeared to confirm this.
While posing with Roze on board a luxury yacht, Chontelle wrote next to the snap: 'Caption this'.

A follower of hers commented underneath with a series of Justin Bieber-related hash-tags, to which Chontelle simply replied with a monkey emoji.