Actress Melissa George is set to break her silence over her troubled relationship and her attempt to flee France with her kids.

Australia's Sunday Night program will feature George in a sit-down interview where she will "tell all" about allegedly being trapped in Paris.

A promo posted to Facebook carries the claims: "She has been assaulted, hospitalised, threatened with kidnapping charges and forced to abandon her career."

George, who appears distressed and clutching one of her son's soft toys alleges: "I've been hit, I've been in a fight, I've got my babies".


After being hospitalised, she is heard saying: "I couldn't walk. I couldn't turn my neck".

On reports she is facing kidnap charges, she questions the case against her, which allegedly included: "People being bribed".

When Sunday Night reporter Sean Pennells suggests she was taking a big risk doing their interview, she tearfully replies: "Because I have no other choice".

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News Corp Australia previously revealed George has been accused by her ex-lover of trying to take their children out of France in a private jet loaned by a Russian friend.

The incident is alleged to have happened on September 13, days after George was treated in hospital for injuries sustained in a fight with her then multi-millionaire businessman partner Jean-David Blanc.

Both Blanc and George were convicted over the bust-up in their palatial Parisian penthouse, with the French court finding each of them guilty of "violences volontaires," or attacking each other.

They are both appealing against their convictions.