Eleanor Catton's new novel is a thriller about "ultra-rich foreigners building fortress-like homes and stock-piling weapons in New Zealand".

The new book from the Man Booker Prize-winning author will be called Birnham Wood, it was confirmed today.

The Book Seller reported it would be a "psychological thriller" about the ultra-rich preparing for a global catastrophe down under.

"The novel follows the guerrilla gardening outfit Birnam Wood, a ragtag group of quarrelling leftists who move about the country cultivating other people's land," the website reported.


"Their chance encounter with an American billionaire sparks a tragic sequence of events which questions, ultimately, how far each of us would go to ensure our own survival - and at what cost."

The next book from the New Zealand author is highly anticipated after her historical novel The Luminaries, just her second novel, won the Man Booker Prize in 2013.

The manuscript will be with publishers at the end of 2017 and will be up to 100,000 words long. The Luminaries was more than 265,000.