Strollers are for booze

"Today's gathering of banned prams at the cricket," tweets Dunedin dad and city councillor, Aaron Hawkins. People turning up with kids in strollers to the test match at the University Oval for the test match were forced to leave them unsecured outside the venue and lug the baby gear and kid around to the other side of the ground to the family area. NZ Cricket says it will be looking into the ban at the end of the season.

Test cricketers of note

"The New Zealand-South Africa cricket test in Dunedin contains distinctly classical music elements," writes Graeme Lay. "These reached a crescendo in the concerto's second movement, when (Richard) Wagner bowled (Edward) Elgar and (Adrian) Boult took four wickets. It's just a pity that South African Michael Strauss is not in the test team. I look forward immensely to the build-up to the test's fourth movement."

The Tony Alexander Way

Suggestions that new buyers should consider a former meth house as a first home were widely criticised last week and, in his latest missive, BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander continues to show old school thinking by suggesting a partner is a liability.

"One part of maturing as an individual is realising that whenever you take on a new thing like a partner, a car, a child, or a global trip, some other thing or things need to be dropped," he writes.


Hang on Tony, sounds like you are saying "don't take on a wife until you can support one". Surely an earning "partner" is a good thing for the mortgage calculator? He then, helpfully, outlines what things those who already have purchased a house sacrificed to get there ...

On Twitter Chris Brain added a few more to his list:
•Subscriptions to Financier Fancier magazine.
•Topical medications.
•Moat cleaning.
•Wearing two socks.


Beyonce the Tank Engine...

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