The producer of Lorde's hit song Royals says he also helped write Lorde's latest single Green Light.

Lorde released Green Light on Friday to rave reviews, and she praised the song's co-producer Jack Antonoff in several interviews, including a high-profile slot with Beats 1's Zane Lowe.

"We've spent 18 months every day together working on this recording in his house. We wrote the song together ... it was just such a collaborative thing with him," she said.

"He's so wonderful and totally understands me and is such a great listener. And the stuff that we've made I just really feel like we've pushed each other to make stuff that is better than anything either of us have ever done."


But she didn't mention that Little, who won awards for his production work on Lorde's debut Pure Heroine, had anything to do with the song.

Lorde's record label Universal Music confirmed Little's involvement to the Herald.

And in a tweet posted shortly after Green Light's release, Little said he was "really proud" to be part of the song's creation.

Little also retweeted a Lorde fan account that posted a screenshot of the song's APRA listing, which credits Little, Jack Antonoff and Lorde as writers.

Green Light

was produced by Antonoff and Lorde herself, with additional production from esteemed hip-hop producer Frank Dukes.

Antonoff tweeted thanks to Little, Dukes and his engineer Laura Sisk on Friday.

Little told the Herald in 2016 he'd held writing sessions with Lorde for the follow-up to Pure Heroine, but said he was no longer working on it. He said she was "trying to do something different (and) working with other producers is a part of that".

Lorde told ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan she made a conscious effort to move beyond the sound of Pure Heroine.

"When I first started writing for a new project I was writing a lot of stuff that sounded like Pure Heroine, and I think that happens to all artists. You need to get the last record out of you before you make anything new," she said.