Last year, a random 1980s TV ad featuring kids singing and dancing, emerged in a lot of people's Facebook feeds.

We still don't know why it appeared but we're not complaining - because it was glorious.

If you have not seen this video clip, see below.

They were known as the Pink Windmill Kids who appeared on a British kids program called Emu's Pink Windmill Show with Rod Hull in 1984.


Then they miraculously reappeared in 2016 as a hilarious meme.

And now they've reunited 33 years later for a very good cause. It's the cringe-worthy 80s gift that keeps on giving.

Most of the gang - Catrina, Emma, Hugh, Sarah, Joe, Abbie, Debbie, Antony and Lorraine (but sadly no Spencer) have teamed up to raise money for Comic Relief.

And yes, they've recreated their famous 1984 clip, and it's just as good.

Pink Windmill Kids for Comic Relief Ad

Yep, they still have it.