Lorde has revealed one final tease of her "sad and joyous" new single, as well as a music video that shows her getting angry in a nightclub.

The Kiwi pop star has been teasing fans for several days, delivering cryptic messages on social media and last night sending them on a treasure hunt.

This morning, she tweeted a link to the website www.imwaitingforit.com, saying: "Third and final teaser up now!"

The website played a short snippet of her new single, Green Light, which showed Lorde dancing to her upbeat, high energy song.


When it comes time for the song's chorus, she flings her hands angrily at the camera.

She then took to Twitter to confirm the single's release tomorrow at 8am, saying it's "the first chapter of a story I'm gonna tell you, the story of the last two wild, fluorescent years of my life".

Meanwhile, Lorde fans were mystified by a sneak preview of new music in Auckland last night.

A few dozen fans gathered behind Auckland's Town Hall to watch a few short videos projected onto the back of a building.

Lorde fans remain mystified about what exactly her second album will entail after a sneak preview of some new music in Auckland tonight.

The videos were all less than five seconds long, and left fans wanting more.

The same few video clips replayed over and over.

"I'm so excited for the new album," one fan screamed.

Excited Lorde fans tweeted photos of a green rectangle shape projected onto Auckland buildings.

One obviously overseas-based fan shared their excitement on Twitter.

"2:41am and @lorde has me gasping for air with all the teasing of #greenlight", they tweeted.

But others were less enthused.

Comedian Nic Sampson posted a photo of a green rectangle projected onto the side of a building, and with the date "3.3.17 NZ" written in a black box over the top.

"Just heard all of the new @lorde album and it is really strong. My fav song is probably 'I Bought A GIant Projector', he wrote, tongue-in-cheek.

One woman said the new song sounded "so good".

Others tweeted photos of a white car glowing with green lights from the inside, from the Ponsonby location.

The Herne Bay location was a beach, which many fans didn't realise at first, prompting Lorde to tweet to clarify the location.

The area was lit up with many green lights.

The new single is being released tomorrow.

The pop star earlier tweeted, "I've organised a few more little glimpses at what's coming" to her fans in Auckland, along with a map of the city with three spots marked.

"If you want to know more, consult the map," it read.

Fans reacted to the singer's latest teaser with rabid excitment on Twitter, with many begging her to release the first single from the album.

The tweet comes after Lorde revealed another snippet of her new album, in the form of a video uploaded to a mysterious website.

It features the singer strolling along a city sidewalk at sunset while an up-tempo piano beat plays.

The same tune was heard in a 15-second TV spot that played on New Zealand television on Monday evening, which featured Lorde eating food in the back of a car.

The singer hinted there would be more material to come, telling fans "you'll wanna come back here at 8am nz / 2pm nyc for a couple of days..."

The website is called M*******A, which fans believe is a clue to the new album's title. Lorde first posted a link to the website on Tuesday morning.

The Kiwi singer dropped a sly teaser for her upcoming album on major New Zealand TV channels, prompting a mad rush to figure out a cryptic clue left by the star.

The clip shows nothing more than 15 seconds of Lorde snacking in an Uber while an up-tempo piano beat played, before two release dates flashed on screen; 3.3.17 for New Zealand and 3.2.17 for New York.

Lorde is scheduled to perform at Coachella, Governor's Ball and Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in the US this year.