A horror movie made by one of America's hottest comedians has just secured a local release date.

Get Out is a horror satire from Jordan Peele, one half of comedy duo Key and Peele and co-writer of last year's Keanu, that looks at race relations in America in the most unnerving way possible.

The plot follows African-American man Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) as he travels with his girlfriend (Girls' Alison Williams) to meet her wealthy parents in upstate New York.

He starts to get along with the parents (played by Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford), but things take a dark turn when Chris begins to notice the community's strange relationship with minorities.


Get Out hits US cinemas this weekend, and has just secured a local release date of May 4.

It is currently one of the best reviewed movies of the year, with 100 per cent approval on RottenTomatoes from 85 reviews.

It was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception after it premiered at Sundance in January, with critics praising Peele's direction for balancing comedy moments with intense thrills.

The Hollywood Reporter called it "one of the most satisfying thrillers in several years", while Variety wrote that it blended "race-savvy satire with horror to especially potent effect".

It is expected to be a commercial hit as well. Get Out is expected to be a box office hit this weekend in the States, with Deadline estimating it will earn around US$20 million, with just a US$5 million budget.

Horror movies are generally a small earner at the local box office. The Conjuring 2 was the highest earning genre flick in New Zealand last year, the 24th biggest earner according to Box Office Mojo, though Lights Out was the second, down in 70th position.