The Project

has only been on air for three days, but it's already angered

Campbell Live's

executive producer.


Pip Keane, who helmed Campbell Live with John Campbell until its demise in May 2015, took to social media last night to hit out at The Project.

Specifically, she appeared upset that the show repackaged Campbell Live footage as part of a segment marking the sixth anniversary of Christchurch's 2011 earthquake.

Keane complained The Project's clip used footage taken from Campbell Live's extensive coverage of Christchurch's devastating earthquakes.

On Twitter, she called the segment's use of that footage "insulting".

Despite the footage being owned by Three, the Herald understands Keane has accused the network of plagiarism, venting her anger on her personal Facebook page.

Campbell Live's earthquake coverage included setting up a 'Caravan of Complaint' for survivors to vent about their experiences rebuilding their lives after the natural disaster.

Keane later took to Twitter to complain that Three had called its earthquake coverage "depressing" and cited it as a reason for Campbell Live's axing.

She also asked why The Project didn't send its own reporters or presenters to Christchurch to report on the anniversary.

Three declined to comment on the issue. Keane declined the opportunity to comment further.

Viewers also picked up on the segment, with one calling Three "hypocrites" for using the footage.

The Project

is the latest show to be placed in the slot vacated by

Campbell Live


Come Dine With Me

and then


Fronted by Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Josh Thomson, The Project is a New Zealand take on a popular Australian series that aims to take a lively, energetic and humourous look at the day's news.

Initial reviews of the programme were positive, although it's understood ratings have declined since the series debuted on Monday night.