The Oscars are happening next week, but with all the nominated movies only just getting released, and some not even out yet, it will be tricky for everyone to have seen them all.

Don't worry, though, the team from Honest Trailers is here to sum things up for you.

The popular parody series has turned its comedy powers on the nine movies nominated for the top prize at next week's awards.

"It's that time of the year when LA's pretty narcissists use their awards to take shots at DC's ugly narcissists," the narrator opens with, before systematically tearing the movies, and the awards season apart.


He refers to Arrival as "Amy Adam's second movie this year where she tries to relate to an alien that no one gets along with," following the poorly received Batman v Superman.

Hell or High Water gets some praise, described as "a film that's so entertaining, straightforward and unpretentious, it has no chance of actually winning Best Picture."

Manchester by the Sea's depressing nature proves an easy target, with the narrator summing it up as a "guilt train to sadsville".

"Led by a hard-drinking, irritable Boston man living in the shadow of his more successful older brother ... gee, I wonder how Casey Affleck managed to get into character," taking a shot at the lead actor and his famous older brother, Ben.

Casey Affleck faces tough competition on Monday from Denzel Washington and his directorial effort Fences.

He and Viola Davis have earned high praises for their efforts, although the Honest Trailers team takes a different view.

"Watch as these actors bravely explore how much acting you can fit into one movie, including loud acting, nuanced acting and snot acting."

The final jokes are reserved for La La Land, picking apart the excessive amount of awards that the movie is nominated for, with the narrator getting increasingly fed up.

"Best Costume Design? They're literally wearing clothes!" he scoffs, before giving it the new title of ''Hollywood Hand Job''.

The series replaces the usual ''Starring'' segment with a Donald Trump-inspired segment, summing up the movies in the style of the President's tweets.

If the video hasn't put you off the ceremony, you can catch the Academy Awards live on Sky Movies Premiere this Monday.