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With its whopping 14 tracks and running time of well over an hour, Don't Get Lost can be interpreted as either an instruction, a warning or, perhaps, a joke.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre's 16th album is a sprawling, hazy work that effortlessly pulls off the neat trick of flitting between unexpected genres while managing to remain a cohesive and engaging listen.

The typical BJM shoegaze sound and 60s style psychedelia is represented with the fantastically druggy Velvet Underground style Throbbing Gristle and the album opener Melodys Actual Echo Chamber.

But there's also dabblings in motorik with the exceptional Resist Much Obey Little and deeply weird grooves like on Groove is in the Heart, which no, is not a cover of the DeeLite early 90s party classic.


The 90s show up a lot on this record. There's also the seductive dinner party trip-hop of Dropping Bombs on the Sun, and the smooth after dinner saxophone workout of Geldenes Herz Menz, courtesy of Pogues sax man Pete Fraser.

The 80s also get a look in via the twisted rave of highlight track Acid 2 Me is No Worse than War).

Of course the cost of all this musical exploration, especially in the hazy and lo-fi fashion favoured by The BJM is there's nothing singular to grab on to. In this instance that trade-off is worth it.

On this blurry, restless and ever-changing opus they're trading in moods and textures, testing juxtaposition with conflicting grooves and vibes.

So yes, they're all over the show. Thankfully, they never once lose their way.

Don't Get Lost
('a' Records)
Verdict: Sprawling, hazy and engaging