Organisers have apologised for traffic delays and mud that plagued this weekend's Splore music festival in Auckland.

Promoters took to Facebook to say sorry after festival-goers complained of four hour traffic jams to get into the festival on Friday night, and more as they were leaving on Sunday.

They said: "Although we had contingencies in place, these were obviously not enough. Our apologies also go out to locals who got caught in traffic as well."

Hello campers, big apologies for the major delay at the gate yesterday, a soggy farm and 3000 vehicles made movement...

Posted by Splore Festival on Friday, 17 February 2017

The apology came after festival-goers waited in traffic for hours to get into the festival on Friday, only to show up and find fields replaced by pools of mud.


NZME reporter Gracie Taylor was a first time Splore-goer and spent four hours sitting in traffic.

"We left at 5.10pm. We thought it would take an hour and a half as that's what it said on Google Maps. We arrived at about 9.45pm, and most of that time was spent in traffic," she said.

"It was fine for most of the ride until we got to Tapapakanga Reserve, and then it was just at a standstill. We were stuck there for hours. We missed all the opening acts."

While Taylor enjoyed the acts she got to see that night, the next morning revealed more issues.

"We got up in the morning and everything was muddy and disgusting, so we were like, 'Let's have a shower so we can enjoy the rest of the day'.

"We waited in line for about 40 minutes, got right to the front of the line and these guys in high-vis vests came up and said, 'There's grey water coming up, we're closing the showers down permanently'."

That was the final straw for Taylor, who left shortly afterwards.

"Just hygienically we didn't feel safe. The portaloos weren't clean, it was disgusting."


She managed to avoid the traffic crisis that engulfed the area yesterday when an accident in Clevedon caused major delays for those trying to leave.

In a statement, a Splore representative said the wet weather made Friday nights arrival "very challenging". She said once fans had arrived they had a good time.

"Despite the rain and muddy conditions, the audience were in very good heart and they had a great time. There was fantastic entertainment across five music and performance zones.

"Everyone came away feeling inspired because there is such a great vibe where everyone is kind, loving and looking out for one another. "

Taylor was not alone in her feelings, with many taking to social media to complain about the festival's issues.

One wrote on Facebook: "As a local I must say I'm very unimpressed ... this has been insane and I'm really not happy".

Others blamed delays on the "unnecessarily painful procedure to get wristbands".

Some were more positive about the experience, writing: "We're here now and having a great time. Yesterday was a distant memory!"

One wrote: "Big ups to all the Splore crew that worked their butts off to get cars in as soon as they could. It's not an easy task when mother nature is calling the shots".