He may have be a hero, but Thor is a pretty crappy housemate.

Marvel has released a fun video revealing what the warrior, played by Chris Hemsworth, gets up to when he's not busy saving the world.

In the clip, Thor argues with his housemate Darryl who suggests the hammer-wielding god should get a day job to help pay the rent.

"Do you know what my job is?" Thor asks.


Where are they now?

"I save the planet," he says, before cutting Darryl down to size.

"The brain is a muscle ... and this is all muscle," he says, pointing to his shirtless torso, "so I am covered in brains and I have more brains than you."

This is the second time we've received a humorous glimpse into Thor's real life after Marvel released a similar video back in October last year.

Thor at home