David Farrier spent the last year travelled the world to show off his crazy documentary Tickled - but that hasn't stopped him from putting together a sequel.

Tickled - Farrier's documentary about a mysterious company that pays men to be tickled on camera - debuts on HBO later this month.

Interview with David Farrier, co-director of the documentary 'Tickled'.

Farrier took to Facebook to confirm that alongside its HBO premiere will be The Tickle King, a 20-minute sequel that covers what happened after the movie started screening at festivals and theatres.

A press release posted on IndieWire reveals it will feature "new, previously unseen footage documenting the bizarre and unsettling things that happen to filmmakers David Farrier and Dylan Reeve as the documentary premieres at film festivals and theatres in 2016.


"Lawsuits, private investigators, disrupted screenings and surprise appearances are just part of what they encounter along the way. Amidst new threats, the duo begins to answer questions that remained once the credits rolled on Tickled, including whether the disturbing behaviour they uncovered will ever come to an end."

Farrier and Reeve were met with multiple attacks and lawsuits from Jane O'Brien Media, including representatives attending screenings to present the filmmakers with lawsuits in person.

Several of the subjects of Tickled showed up at a screening in Los Angeles, hosted by filmmaker Dylan Reeve. Source: Magnolia Pictures

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Tickled film-makers accused of lying at screening

It came to a head when one of the movie's subjects showed up to a Q&A session in New York, leading to a tense confrontation with the filmmakers that was recorded on Facebook live.

Tickled premieres this month on Sky's Rialto channel.