New Zealand singing sensation Lorde has told followers to "stay informed and stay outraged" over the actions of new US president Donald Trump, while also hinting towards the theme of her new album.

Lorde took to Twitter this morning about the US administration and her upcoming album saying that "the amount of hatred and fear radiating from this administration is already hard to bear ..."

The Royals singer told followers with significant privilege and people outside the US to "find a small way to an ally if you haven't already."

"These old men in power have a storm coming, the likes of which they cannot comprehend," another tweet said.


Lorde recalled that when she was 15 she would not have known how to call a representative or protest efficiently - yet it was commonplace now.

"Every kid in the world can discuss names/specifics of this administration in the way that young people once broke down boy bands/TV shows."

She said "cathartic pop" was necessary in these times.

"After a horrifying, anxiety-inducing week of news, music like this allows much needed catharsis."

"You're probably guessing what kind of record I've made based on these tweets," another tweet said.

The tweets come after Trump's administration this week placed a temporary ban on people from some Muslim nations entering the country.

In November, she called Trump "artless" and "graceless" following the news that he had won the election.