Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon have dished up some very personal details about their relationship in an interview on The Kyle & Jackie O Show that covered everything from the "ice game" to the wheelbarrow position.

The girls met while vying for Richie Strahan's heart on The Bachelor Australia and made headlines last year when they fell in love with each following their stint on the reality show.

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Asked point blank by Kyle Sandilands if there was "any coitus happening during filming" of the series, Marx said it wasn't until they both went to Bali for a holiday after the show that they realised something was there. And it was at a nightclub where Marx made the first move.


"We were at one of the bars in Bali and we were playing the ice game - where you have a cube of ice in your mouth and you have to pass it on within five seconds to someone from your mouth to their mouth," Scanlon said. "Megan passed it to me and there was a bit of an extended kiss."

Asked if they slept together that first night, the girls teased: "We did all sorts of things that night, you'd be embarrassed to hear about them."

The interview heated up when talk turned to the racy naked photos the pair have been posting on Instagram.

"One I want to ask about where you're naked and on chairs - it looks like you're out in the wilderness and you've got running shoes on like you're going for a jog naked and you've just decided to sit down for a second and take a photo," Jackie said.

"That's pretty much how all the photos turn out," Scanlon laughed. "We had one - I don't know if you saw the spaghetti photo - we were literally at home making spaghetti naked."

"If you haven't tried that, Jackie ..." Scanlon joked.

"No she hasn't tried anything - she's missionary only," Sandilands laughed, jibing his co-host. And this is where the nitty-gritty details kicked in:

Jackie: "Oh, I do a few more (positions) ... the spoon."


Kyle: "Oh yeah, the wheelbarrow."

Megan: "Oh, we've done the wheelbarrow, Tiffany."

Kyle: "Have you girls done the wheelbarrow?"

Tiffany: "I haven't, I don't even know what it is."

Megan: "Tiffany hasn't. Oh, don't worry, I'll get my dildo out and we'll do the wheelbarrow."

Rounding out the revealing interview was some talk about straight guys who are constantly propositioning the new couple for a threesome.

"It seems to be the question we get asked quite often whenever we go to an event," Marx said. "I think it's interesting ... you go to an event and guys will just come up to you and won't even introduce themselves they're just like, 'Ah, so you girls are from The Bachelor, do you wanna have a threesome?'"

Asked if they've seen Richie since finding love with each other after The Bachelor, Marx said: "He's always been nice and respectful ... he said to me he thinks it's great. I think he's pretty cool with it."