Pop star Ed Sheeran was on the Graham Norton Show on Friday night to promote his new album and he got much more than he bargained for.

During the popular "Red Chair" segment of the show - in which fans tell a story hopefully impressive enough to avoid getting flipped right out of their seat - Ed was confronted with a familiar face.

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The pop star didn't recognise the man at first, but soon enough he discovered they were from the same town and even went to the same school.


"Did we know each other?" Sheeran asked, and James Mee answered yes.

Sheeran then moved closer to the monitor because, "I haven't got my glasses on", before exclaiming: "Is that James... James Mee? WHAT THE F***! He was my best mate growing up!"

As it turns out, Mee's story about Sheeran wasn't too interesting (something about his mother making him sausages), but it was nice to see Ed's delighted reaction.

Mee even got to leave the Red Chair area and join Sheeran and fellow famous guests Josh Widdicombe, Christina Ricci and Matthew McConaughey on the main stage, where he and Sheeran reminisced about old times.