Ido and Mandy Drent have opened up about the birth of their daughter Elliotte, detailing the difficult birth right down to the moment the "mood in the room changed".

Speaking to Woman's Day, the Kiwi actor and his wife recall how she went into labour while they were out to dinner at a local restaurant.

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"I remember trying to talk to my mum, but rushing off to the bathroom where I just leaned over the sink rocking my hips back and forwards. I was having contractions and they were becoming pretty regular so I said to Ido, 'We've got to get out of here,'" Mandy says.


They went home, but when things intensified they went straight to hospital where Mandy spent a few hours in a birthing pool but still didn't make any progress.

"The baby was in an awkward position and I could see by the looks on everyone's faces in the room that things weren't going well. The mood in the room changed," she says.

It wasn't until she finally asked for an epidural that the doctor was able to turn the baby's head in order for her to make it out safely.

... and then there were four - Elliotte Lilian Drent / 8 Nov 2016 โค๏ธ

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Ido recalls: "Mandy pulled her up on to her chest and she let out this huge scream, it was the cutest thing...I just felt so excited to finally meet her."

"I see another side to Mandy when she's having our babies. She's like a lioness - it's phenomenal.

Baby Elliotte is in good health now and is being taken care of by her big brother, 21-month-old Bastion - otherwise known as Baz.

As for former Shortland Street star, Ido, he's still got the acting bug and he and the family are off to Los Angeles soon so he can attend auditions and celebrate his 30th birthday with a road trip to San Diego.