Starting next month, fans of MacGyver, Midsomer Murders and The Crowd Goes Wild will have a new way to watch their favourite shows.

Sky will launch Prime PLUS 1 on February 1. It will play the same shows as Prime but one hour behind.

The service will be available on Channel 514, and will go live at 6am that day.

It will be available to all Sky subscribers for no extra cost, and Freeview Satellite customers will be able to manually tune their receiver in order to get it.


Prime is the latest New Zealand channel to offer the 'plus one' service.

TV3 was the first channel to offer it in 2009, followed by TVNZ 1 (2012), TVNZ 2 (2013) and Four (2014). The latter's service was replaced with Bravo + 1 when that channel launched last year.