Pitch Perfect 3

has started filming, after Anna Kendrickannounced back in 2015 that a new sequel was in the works.

Fans of the two popular musical films will be pleased to know that things look well underway, according to the Instagram accounts of the various stars.

When they aren't on set, it appears they go rollerskating together and take part in intense-looking stunt training.


We are seeing the return of beloved original cast members Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow as well as the return of Pitch Perfect 2's Haliee Steinfeld.

Here are some pictures from behind-the-scenes.

The cast got back together

#PP3 #Bellas Day One Pitches x

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And Rebel Wilson has been doing some some pretty serious training

Sorry Niko #PitchPerfect3 #StuntTraining

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Brittany Snow gave her character a new hair colour

And they all went rollerskating

No one yelled out "Attempt to look like a 1995 Spice Girls poster!!" It just happened. #laterGram?

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The cast is taking time for some fun

But there is also a lot of hard work involved

Unsure why I am so mad about sunlight, singing & dancing... no one better show me a puppy #pitchperfect3

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Not just from the cast, but from the costume designers too

Chrissie Fit posted a teaser picture on Instagram


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And has been taking a lot of polaroids

Week 2 on #PP3 and surprising everyone with random pictures. #pitchperfect3

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Ester Dean posted her own picture of the rollerskating trip


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And Hailee Steinfeld announced she's back

RELAX, pitches. I'm here. #PitchPerfect

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