Former Home and Away actress Christie Hayes has revealed that Hollywood heart throb Chris Hemsworth had quite an affection for her when they worked together on the show.

And he certainly wasn't shy about letting her know, paying his 30-year-old colleague a very lewd compliment during a red carpet appearance.

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Hayes played Kirsty Sutherland on the iconic TV soap during the same time Hemsworth appeared on the show as Kim Hyde.


During her stint on the show, Hayes had appeared in a Pepsi ad - and it seems it left quite the impression on Hemsworth.

Hayes, who now works in breakfast radio on i98FM, told her co-hosts the story on air this morning.

"Years ago I did an endorsement for Pepsi, ages ago in 2006, and for this commercial I bit my lip at the end of it and I thought I was the dorkiest thing in the world, it was so unsexy," she told them.

Later that year, she saw her sometime soapie co-star on the red carpet at a Sydney film premiere, and he shocked her with a startling admission.

"We saw each other and he was like 'I loved your commercial, you were really good and I shouldn't be saying this but every time you bite your lip I got a massive erection'," she recalled.

"He was taken at the time and it was all in jest but that's my claim to fame. I turned on Chris Hemsworth!" Hayes said.

Hemsworth didn't meet wife Elsa Pataky until 2010 - he was believed to be dating his Home and Away co-star Isabel Lucas in 2006. Check out the ad that caused such an, ahem, extreme reaction below: