New Zealand's favourite puppet returned to TV this week. This time, he kept all his body parts intact.

In a surprise appearance during the cricket over the weekend, 90s icon Thingee crashed the stage in order to take viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Sky studios.

Introducing viewers to various members of the team, Thingee didn't hold back while giving his unique take on the production.

"James is the director, he talks all the time and sometimes people listen to him. He knows a lot about cricket, and some of it's even interesting."


Apparently serving as the new public relations officer for the satellite network, Thingee visited various departments that work to put the cricket together on, lavishing each person with praise - though that didn't stop him from making a few jokes here and there.

While touring the commentary section, mocking the commentators as "gum flappers", Thingee found time to throw show shade at Donald Trump.

"Great view of the ground but behind me you'll see it's a bit of wall really, built between them and Dilmah. Frankly, very Trump-like of them."

Thingee first appeared in 1992 on the TVNZ 2 after school show Son of a Gunn with perennial TV host Jason Gunn.

The leathery puppet is best known for an incident when one of his eyeballs went flying out of his head. The clip never aired during the show, only appearing on a bloopers reel afterwards.

It is his first TV appearance since 2015, when Thingee appeared alongside Gunn on an episode of 7 Days.

And it may not be his last. During a trip to the graphics department, Thingee asked them to help plug the fact he is available for hire.

"Remember Thingee for all your birthday party needs - often available, never cheap."

Watch the full video below:

Viewers of yesterday's Blackcaps test might have noticed an eye-popping cameo from one of New Zealand television's most iconic characters... WATCH: Sunday afternoon's Dilmah Tea Party came with a side of crackers as Thingee invaded our broadcast to take a glimpse at the SKY Sport NZ crew behind the scenes at the cricket.

Posted by SKY Sport NZ on Sunday, 15 January 2017