George Michael's boyfriend Fadi Fawaz made a heartbreaking phone call to his nephew after discovering his lover was dead on Christmas Day, it has emerged.

Josh Fawaz, Fadi's nephew, has spoken for the first time about what happened when his uncle discovered the Careless Whisper singer, 53, had died at his home in Oxfordshire.
Josh, a DJ, said he picked up his phone to hear his uncle sobbing after Fadi, 40, had called the police.

He told his nephew "Oh God, I think he's dead" when he found Michael was unresponsive at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

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He added that the suspicion surrounding Fadi is "bulls***" and that his uncle tried to revive him when he saw his partner in bed.

Josh, 28, said his uncle contacted him and began crying down the phone, the Australia Daily Telegraph reports.

He returned to Brisbane last week after he lived in London for two years.

He told the newspaper: "I've never heard a grown man cry so much. Fadi called me saying 'what am I going to do without him?'"

"They spent almost every day together for six years. He was so upset, he had been crying at the house beside George and I believe he found him dead.

"I'm the first person to know that he (Michael) passed away."

Following the discovery last month, Fawaz spoke to detectives for five hours to tell them what happened at Michael's home.

And the phone call he made to his family member will now form part of the investigation into the singer's death.

The singer's cause of death, who had battled with drugs and depression, was said to have been heart failure. Photo / AP
The singer's cause of death, who had battled with drugs and depression, was said to have been heart failure. Photo / AP

His nephew continued: "Fadi has had the finger pointed at him but it's all bull***t.

"There was nothing but love in that relationship; he has been called a leech and all sorts, but he never took advantage or would do anything to hurt George."

At first, Michael's manager said he died from heart failure, however his post-mortem results were 'inconclusive'.

Further toxicology tests have now been ordered but the results will not be back for several weeks.

Fadi, a former hairdresser who has been trying to make a career as a photographer, was spoken to by police, and later said officers had been 'amazing' and 'supportive'.

He told them he spent Christmas Eve with the singer, but fell asleep in his car that night and only discovered that he was dead when he went to wake him the following morning.

Officers have also taken a statement from a photographer who took pictures of Fadi going in and out of George Michael's house with a take-away coffee on Christmas Eve.

Speaking to the Daily Mail earlier this month, Fadi said: "The police have been amazing. They have been supportive. They have done what normally happens when someone dies. They have not been accusing me, never; they have been very supportive."

Candle with tributes left outside the home of British musician George Michael in London. Photo / AP
Candle with tributes left outside the home of British musician George Michael in London. Photo / AP

But a relative said earlier this week that the former Wham! singer had attempted to break up with Fadi on numerous occasions, only to let him back into his life.

The relative told The Sun: "On more than one occasion George told Fadi he no longer wanted to see him, but each time they would find themselves back in touch.

"George was so kind and generous, but he said to me many times that his biggest weakness was he could never say no to anything - sex, drugs - he had that sort of personality.

"In many ways he was quite a vulnerable person, because he always said yes. He never stood his ground."

On New Year's Day, a string of posts appeared on Twitter asserting that he and George were together 24/7 and that the singer had repeatedly tried to take his life and had finally succeeded. But the posts were quickly taken down, with Fadi claiming his account had been hacked.

This week it emerged that Fadi and his father joined Michael on a secret trip to a hospital in Vienna last November to see two top doctors - a month before he died.

The pop star jetted in to the Austrian capital in a private jet to see doctors at AKH General Hospital, where his life was saved when he had pneumonia in 2011.

There is also a belief among sources close to George that Fadi will not be a beneficiary of George's will, which will divide the singer's £105 million fortune. His sisters and charities - including Childline and the Terrence Higgins Trust - are said to be in line to benefit.