Following Natasha Exelby's on-air blooper, here are a few more cringey newsreader fails.

Natasha Exelby has paid a high price for her weekend blooper, after the humourless management at ABC24 banned the newsreader from playing any future on-air role.

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In vision which has since gone viral, the former Wake Up! co-host is seen looking startled as she suddenly realises the cameras have returned to her after a pre-recorded package has finished.

Here are other cringey newsreader moments ...


This a**hole I'm married to...

Ten newsreader Marie-Louise Thiele was busted in 2000 unloading about the 'a**hole' she's married to as the show cut back from a break.

This no doubt marriage-saving public apology (delivered in a much less ocker accent) came the next day:

Naomi Robson's meltdown

Seriously, don't watch this at work with the sound up unless you want your boss to think you've smuggled an angry pirate into the office.

This legendary audio-only clip has the Today Tonight host complaining to a techie about her autocue woes. By our count, noted lizard-wearer Robson drops eight F-bombs in the 40-second clip above. Can you find more?

Going for a wander

ABC Queensland anchor Karina Carvalho clearly thought she wasn't being watched, wandering around the studio and muttering to herself in this clip. Nope - she was live on the air.

Chin gets thirsty

Bless eternally awesome SBS Lee Lin Chin for having the most utterly Chintastic entry on this list.

Screaming at a camera operator? Swearing at a co-host? Not for The Chin. Instead, Lee Lin was busted enquiring after a foreign war correspondent during his sobering report on Taliban atrocities.

"Who is that handsome...?" she asked, before snapping into newsreader mode. The thirst is real.


*Warning: Explicit Language

This vintage Bill O'Reilly cut gets seriously scary (and sweary) at around the 1:10 mark. Much like Robson's outburst, don't watch this one if you're not partial to a few F-bombs.

Still getting ready

The BBC cut to the morning news four minutes too early on this day - only to find presenter Carole Walker, her handbag spread across her desk, madly brushing her hair like those women you avoid sitting next to on the train on the way to work.

The f**k are you doing?

*Warning: Explicit Language

Again, language warning on this one (who knew newsreaders were such a foul-mouthed bunch?).

We love the contrast here - from the angry slip to the calm, measured apology after the ad break.

Also her use of the royal 'we': "We need to acknowledge a mistake..." You can just picture the rest of the team saying "We? WE? Don't drag us into this."