The lead singer of rock band letlive and Gin Wigmore's husband Jason Butler says he loves visiting New Zealand.

Fans of American rockers Letlive may not expect the frontman to spend his free time doing baking, but that was exactly what Jason Butler's doing when the Herald calls.

"I'm at work but I'm sneaking away. I'm working with a family business doing some work with baked goods, which is my other passion in life."

The 31-year-old doesn't say if there will be baked treats for fans who turn up to tonight's concert, but Butler says fans should attend free of expectations.

"I will tell people not really to expect anything, and that's typically what you'll get. There's not very much pre-meditation or thought before playing. This is going to sound so contrived, but it's the most visceral I can be and the most visceral we can be as performers.


"Expectations ... I guess you can have some but typically you won't get what you're expecting."

The Kings Arms show will be the first time the post-modern rock group has played in New Zealand. However, Butler is no stranger to our country.

The singer is married to raspy Kiwi songstress Gin Wigmore. The pair met while playing on the Warped tour in 2013, and married a year later in Hawaii.

Butler is now a frequent visitor to New Zealand, calling it one of his "favourite places in the world".

"I think this might cause some controversy with everyone except for my wife, but I really loved Australia, I was like, 'It's my favourite place, blah blah blah'. And then I married a Kiwi and went to New Zealand and was like, 'Wait a minute, this is my favourite place, this is amazing.'

"No offence at all to Australia, but there's just not very much green in Australia."

While Wigmore will not be joining him this time, Butler knows from watching her perform what to expect from Kiwi crowds.

"I've seen Gin play New Zealand twice. Everyone seems very omnivorous and fun loving and very accepting of music and art. If her shows were any indication of the general sense of music appreciation, I'm looking forward to it."

Wigmore is not Letlive's only Kiwi connection. Their latest album, If I'm The Devil, was co-produced by New Zealander Justyn Pilbrow, who has worked on albums for Elemeno P and Halsey.

Butler says that he is a fan of the New Zealander way of making music and our appreciation for it.

"When I went down to New Zealand and met other artists and musicians, I understood art was an integral part of New Zealand culture.

"The attitude and essence of being around New Zealanders is just something I really, really enjoy."

Who: Jason Butler, front man for hard rock act Letlive
When and where: Performing at Auckland's Kings Arms tonight