Alec Baldwin has continued to have fun at Donald Trump's expense in a hilarious social media post that continued upon his Saturday Night Live parodies.

Baldwin has waged a war of his own against the President-elect during and after the US Presidential election, with his eerily accurate comedic impersonations of the Republican.

The star actor has continued in a similar vein by posted a picture of himself on his Instagram account, mocking Trump's red 'Make America Great Again' cap, a key device in the 70 year-old's rise to The White House.

In the post the 30 Rock actor is wearing a cap very similar to the one worn by Trump. But instead of Trump's famous slogan, Baldwin's cap was covered with letters from Russia's Cyrillic alphabet. There was no caption provided with the post.


The latest chapter in the spat between the pair comes as Trump declared "only stupid people or fools" think that "having a good relationship with Russia is a bad thing".

The President-elect's comments are the latest in the ongoing drama in regard to Russia's alleged hacking of Democratic databases in a bid to influence the outcome of the US election.

But it seems Baldwin can see the funny side of most of what Trump does. His regular comic impersonations of the President-elect have been welcomed by critics of the man who will move into The White House on January 20.

The pair have clashed multiple times on social media, trading insults over Baldwin's portrayal and Trump's policies. Balwin even suggested he would stop impersonating the President-elect if he released his tax returns.