Fans of nearly a decade old internet memes are in for a real treat today, as a director has signed up to bring Slenderman to the big screen.

Deadline reports that Sylvain White, who directed the 2010 comic book movie The Losers, will direct a movie about the internet sensation for horror studio Screen Gems.

The Slenderman first appeared online in 2009. The character is depicted as a tall, thin and faceless being with extremely long arms that is purported to kidnap children and murder adults.

It has become increasingly popular over the years, inspiring websites, web series, video games and detailed backstories as part of the 'Creepypasta' genre of internet horror fandom. The most prominent web series inspired by the character, Marble Hornets, has over 88 million views.


The character has become notorious for several dark and violent acts undertaken by its followers. The most infamous came in 2014, when two 12 year old girls brutally stabbed a peer in order to impress the meme.

It has inspired the HBO documentary Beware the Slenderman, which premieres on SoHo later this month.

Slenderman is set for release February next year in America. No cast has been announced. It is being conceived as a 'multi-platform franchise', whatever that's supposed to mean.