There's an ant in my gin has compiled a list of unusual liquors including Alaskan salmon-flavoured vodka - made with actual smoked salmon and distilled with glacier water - and a pure milk vodka from Dorset, made from fermenting the whey created by making cheese into a milk beer, which is then distilled. And something for the sweet-toothed drinkers - cookies and cream-flavoured whiskey. But nothing will prepare you for Anty Gin: "Red wood ants produce a compound called formic acid, a reactive compound in alcohol. By making gin with these ants (each bottle contains the essence of around 62 ants) ... other notes include wood avens, nettles, alexander seeds, and juniper."

What untruth did you believe for the longest time?

1. "As a townie kid I used to stay on my uncle's dairy farm where he fed the skim milk to his free-range pigs," writes George. "He found me one day chasing some pigs around the paddock, trying to catch one. He asked me what I was up to. I told him I'd heard him say, 'there's good money in pigs!' I needed some pocket money at the time, so I thought I could shake some out of the pig. Now, many decades later, I still wonder if that's where the concept of a piggy bank came from."

2. "My nana told me as a child that if you had an ant problem you put pepper on them and they sneezed themselves to death. I believed this and it wasn't till I was in my early 20s that I realised I had been had."

3. David writes: "When I was younger I remember watching the US presidential race. As it was always referred to as a race not an election I used to think they held a running race to decide who would be the next president."


4. Jackie from Albany writes: "While working in a bakery in Switzerland, I believed that the Linzertorte was made from linzerberries. There is no such thing as linzerberries. The torte is named after the town of Linz in Austria and contains raspberry jam. When the baker and his wife overheard me explaining this to customers one day, they couldn't stop laughing."