For the second year in a row, Chris Evans has been named the best value actor in Hollywood.

The star of Captain America topped the list by Forbes, which produces the annual list of the actors and actresses who return the most money for every dollar spent.

Films such as Captain America: Civil War saw a box office result of US$135 ($187) for every dollar Chris Evans was paid.

He is joined on the list by fellow Marvel stars Chris Pratt (US$125.40), Scarlett Johansson (US$88.60), and Robert Downey Jr (US$18.40). All four are expected to appear together in Avengers: Infinity Wars. Downey Jr has become infamous for earning huge paychecks for his Marvel roles, earning US$40 million for Civil War.


It comes one week after Johnny Depp was similarly named the most overpaid actor for the second year in the row, earning only US$2.80 at the box office for every dollar he was paid.

Best value for money actors

1. Chris Evans: US$135.80
2. Chris Pratt: US$125.40
3. Scarlett Johansson: US$88.60
4. Mila Kunis: US$49.50
5. Vin Diesel: US$32
6. Jennifer Aniston: US$27.80
7. Ben Affleck: US$20.10
8. Robert Downey Jr: US$18.40
9. Matt Damon / Jennifer Lawrence (tie): US$17.70
(Figures based on how much money earned per dollar spent)