He's been accused by Taylor Swift of grabbing her a** while posing for a photo backstage at a 2103 concert.

And on Tuesday David Mueller, who was fired from his Denver country music station DJ gig following the incident, spoke out for the first time on a Detroit radio station to insist he did nothing wrong.

I've never had my day in court. I've never been inappropriate with a woman in my life,' he told WKQI 95.5FM's Mojo In The Morning. 'I want my reputation back.'

A spokesperson for Swift said at the time that the star had had nothing to do with the radio station's decision to let Mueller go. 'The radio station was given evidence immediately after the incident. They made their independent decision,' the rep said.


Mueller filed a lawsuit to clear his name and Swift countersued.

The singer, 26, stated in her deposition that Mueller 'reached up under my skirt and grabbed my a** right when I was having to pose for a photo.'

When Mueller's attorney pressed Taylor on what exactly the photo shows, she said: 'It's impossible to know if that was in the moment before or as he's grabbed on, but I was there, so I felt it, so I didn't just see it in a photo afterward.'

The said photo, which the pop superstar described as the smoking gun, was sealed by a judge at her request.

However, earlier this month the photo was leaked online and published by TMZ.

The snap shows Mueller and his girlfriend standing either side of Swift.

The singer is standing close to the blonde girlfriend almost touching heads as they lean towards each other while Mueller is on her other side slightly further away.

His hand is positioned behind the skirt of Swift's black mini dress.

DJ David Mueller gave his account of the infamous alleged groping. Photo / TMZ
DJ David Mueller gave his account of the infamous alleged groping. Photo / TMZ

'I was just trying to get my right hand around Taylor,' the former DJ said during Tuesday's radio interview.

'I've got my hand closed and my palm down and I reach behind, toward Taylor,' he said. 'Our hands touched and our arms crossed.'

When pressed, he insisted: 'My hand was never under her skirt. I never grabbed her.'

Mueller said Swift's manager, bodyguard and a personal assistant were present at the time of the alleged incident.

It wasn't until 20 minutes later that security came and ordered him to leave the concert venue.

In a deposition he gave as part of the legal proceedings, the singer's security guard Greg Dent claimed he saw Mueller acting inappropriately before the photographer took the snap.

'Well, before the photo was taken is when I saw him go to put his arm around her and him lift up her skirt. She reacted, pushed her skirt down, and jumped to the side and went closer to the girl that was with him,' Dent stated.