Noel Edmonds says he'd love to live in New Zealand - but it might not happen for a while.

The British broadcaster, who is spending two weeks here on holiday with his wife Liz, was yesterday reported to be "emigrating" to New Zealand.

"Noel loves England but feels like the time is right to make a fresh start in a new place," a source close to the presenter was quoted as saying.

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In a new interview with Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB this morning, Edmonds says the reports were a little premature.

"It's true to say I love this country. I love the people. I like your attitude. I like the 'can-do'. It's really bowled me over how nice this place is," he told Hosking.

"The way things are at the moment, I've got three big TV projects underway in the UK ...
My immediate future is focused on the UK."

But Edmonds admitted his quick tourist trip around the country had opened his eyes - and he could easily find an excuse to live here if he wasn't so busy in the UK.

"I have a very open mind, we're having such a ball ... I hope this is not the first and last time I come to your wonderful country."

Edmonds says he found yesterday's coverage "amusing".

"The use of the word emigrate ... conjures up thoughts of people clambering aboard a packet steamer in South Hampton, leaving the homeland forever, going off into the world to create a new life ..."

* Listen to the full interview here.