It's been a tumultuous 18 months for TV3, resulting in the loss of various current affairs shows and presenters.

A nation mourned for Campbell Live when John Campbell was shown the door, followed soon after by 3D and its investigative team, then David Farrier, Mark Jennings, Jono Hutchison, Hilary Barry and even Mediaworks' chief executive Mark Weldon - and still the list goes on.

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With Heather Du Plessis-Allan being the most recent to announce her departure from the network this weekend, and Paul Henry due to depart at the end of the year, we take a look back at the five biggest losses to TV3.


John Campbell

Believe it or not, John Campbell's much-publicised and widely-mourned departure from TV3 happened a full 18 months ago, yet it remains one of the biggest blows.

Campbell, who's now happily working away and Radio New Zealand, was a staple of Kiwi viewing and fans legitimately mourned the loss of him from their screens. Even Hilary Barry broke down trying to farewell him on air.

Then, to add insult to injury, the scrapped Campbell Live went on to be replaced by Road Cops and then Guy Williams' Come Dine With Me before finally, Story came onto our screens.

Which leads to the next point...

Heather Du Plessis-Allan

HDPA copped a fair bit of flack when she and Duncan Garner took on the hefty task of replacing Campbell Live, but she wore it well.

The energetic presenter brought new life to the 7pm slot and fans praised her up-and-at-em attitude and on-screen chemistry with Garner.

When it transpired that Garner was moving to the new AM Show and Story was getting the chop, hope remained that the former One News and Seven Sharp journalist would stay on, but alas - she's off to go live like Max Key instead.

Mark Jennings

Mark Jennings, former director of news and current affairs for TV3. Photo / Brett Phibbs
Mark Jennings, former director of news and current affairs for TV3. Photo / Brett Phibbs

He was the country's longest-serving news boss and the only journalist in Mediaworks' senior management team - and then Mark Jennings left.

Many pointed out the fact that he left soon after the launch of Newshub, which snuffed out his long-championed 3 News brand. That and the fact, he'd been forced to watch on as shows like Campbell Live and 3D got cut.

Jennings had been at TV3 since it started in 1989 and people stood by him. Paula Penfold even tweeted: "Even though he made me redundant (although we all know it wasn't actually him) I say hand on heart that Mark Jennings will be very missed."

Hilary Barry

Footage sourced from: TV3 One of TV3's biggest and most popular stars, newsreader Hilary Barry, has quit the network. Her departure is the second high-profile casualty at TV3 in the past year after John Campbell left in May when his show Campbell Live was dumped.

Eventually - as it was bound to do - all the departures took their toll on Hilary Barry and she followed suit, moving on to supposedly greener pastures at Breakfast alongside Jack Tame.

There were many tears upon her leaving, but Barry later told Next that with everyone leaving, she felt like she was in a "constant grieving process" and that's why she had to leave.

"You just get to a stage ... I couldn't take it any more. I actually couldn't take it. It was time for me to go, to preserve my own sanity," she said.

"It'd be fair to say I got to a stage where I felt sad about my work life, and I didn't think it was good for my physical and mental health to stay there," she said.

Paul Henry

Facebook / Paul Henry. Paul Henry says Duncan Garner has one foot in his grave already, but he's happy to let him have it. Henry took to Facebook to thank his fans and explain the reason he's leaving, citing simply being over 2.30am alarms. "We have done amazing things, I have loved being a huge part of this show," he says.

Paul Henry simply got tired and called it quits. He was tired of early-morning (or as he pointed out, midnight) starts, and apparently sick of playing the game.

He gave an interview talking about how much he hated people, he threw caution to the wind and seemed like he was simply done playing by the rules.

Henry is supposedly staying on in some capacity with Mediaworks, but his days of early starts are over.