The latest episode of First Dates NZ featured sexual innuendo, bad taste references to a woman's chest, and a self-confessed vampire.

How much sexual innuendo can you fit into a first date? When it comes to Lizzie, too much is never enough.

"I do like my buns warm ... I like warm buns," the stationary supplies saleswoman told Ben, her blind date during the latest episode of First Dates NZ, while spreading butter onto a hot roll.

"That'll be the quote of the night," her embarrassed date replied.

It didn't stop there. Later, Lizzie made Ben splutter into his main course by asking him, "Would you like some of my loin? Help yourself."


The local adaptation of the international dating show has made a thing out of awkwardness and inappropriate comments over its first six episodes.

Lizzie's date with Ben ranked up there, especially when she admitted her "only hobby" was innappropriate humour - especially about butts.

"I really like butts - it's the only reason I watch rugby," she said.

Despite seemingly hitting it off and agreeing to a second date, an update at the end of the show said Ben had chosen to see other people.

Elsewhere on the show, the awkward banter continued when a seemingly innocent conversation about napkin usage went awry.

Alethea cracks up when her date Kody comments on her 'boobies'. Photo/TVNZ
Alethea cracks up when her date Kody comments on her 'boobies'. Photo/TVNZ

Kody and Alethea were discussing the best napkin techniques when Kody accidentally commented on his date's "boobies".

"What did you just say? Did you just say boobies?" laughed a shocked Alethea.

"I don't know how else to say that eh," Kody replied. "I should have said chest."

Kody later forgot his date's name and had to ask the doorman to remind him.

Viewers also got to meet Adam, a property manager and "man of the moon" who hates the sun.

"I hate being in the sun. But once it's down that is the time I become alive and pep up. Some people call me a vampire. That's when I'm most interesting, most energetic.

The moon's my friend," he said. "I'm a really unusual guy."

He was too unusual for 27-year-old waitress Elizabeth, who turned down Adam's offer for a second date.

"I feel like you would suit someone else. Not me," she told a downtrodden Adam.

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