This picture of six-month-old Logan Bihamta, shared by his mum, has become an internet sensation due to his resemblance to Batman Returns actor Danny DeVito.
Shannon Bihamta says Logan, now two years old, was just six months when she took this picture, immediately thinking that he looked like DeVito.

Mrs Bihamta said her family started calling him "Baby DeVito" after seeing the pic.
She was recently going through old photos and decided to share it on Reddit.
"My son used to look like Danny DeVito," she wrote.

"I still got a laugh out of this picture, so I decided to share it on Reddit. I hoped to spread some laughter and bring a little break from the political posts," she told the Huffington Post. "He's such a happy and smiley little guy."

Mrs Bihamta said her son's looks had changed as he got older.
"He doesn't look so much like Danny DeVito anymore," she said. "But he's still entertaining and a huge sweet heart."


Logan is not the first baby doppelganger. In May, Claire Dempster posted an image of her baby, Arlo-Blue, who is the spitting image of Gordon Ramsey.

Even Ramsey himself seemed to agree.