We know her in New Zealand as glamour model Nicky Watson.

She was married to Kiwi businessman and Warriors owner Eric Watson and did a stint on reality TV, but now she's better known as Nicola Robinson, the earthy, Paleo-loving wife of My Kitchen Rules star Pete Evans.

Nicola Robinson pictured in 2007 when she was still Nicky Watson. Photo / Rob Trathen
Nicola Robinson pictured in 2007 when she was still Nicky Watson. Photo / Rob Trathen

In a new interview with Good Weekend, Evans has revealed that his wife now "deeply regrets" her famous implants, and is "looking forward to having them removed in the near future", the Daily Mail reports.

Robinson had three breast augmentations during her glamour modelling days in the nineties and noughties.


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During her racy past, the 39-year-old modelled for Ralph magazine, was an ambassador for Playboy in New Zealand and once famously wore a flimsy dress to the races with no underwear.

Since finding love with "Paleo Pete", she's reinvented herself as a free-spirited flower child dedicated to a natural lifestyle.

In a recent post to social media, Robinson, who now goes by the Instagram moniker of Nutrition Mermaid, echoed her controversial husband's claims that sunscreen is full of "poisonous" chemicals.

In the post, the former glamour model claimed that many traditional supermarket products should be avoided, including sunscreen.

Celebrity chef
Celebrity chef "Paleo Pete" Evans has raised eyebrows with his natural stance. Photo / Supplied

The post began: "What do you cleanse your sacred space with? Once upon a time, thankfully long ago, I naively used the nastiest stuff, you know the brands - they're the predominant cleaning products that line most supermarket shelves and they're filled to the brim with poison!"

In July this year, her Paleo Diet enthusiast husband prompted fury by telling fans not to wear conventional sunscreen because it is riddled with "poisonous chemicals."

He was promptly slammed by cancer experts including the Cancer Council Australia who urged fans not to heed the advice.