She may be big enough for her own show, but apparently Anika Moa isn't famous enough for Siri.

The singer decided to test out her celebrity status on the cellular personal assistant on the latest episode of her hit talk show All Talk with Anika Moa, but came away the loser from the interaction.

"Siri, who is the most talented Maori singer in New Zealand today?" Anika asked. "I'll give you a clue, they're from Christchurch."

"That's easy. The answer is Bic Runga," Siri replied.


Annoyed, Anika tried again, asking "Who is the best female Maori singer with heaps of tattoos?", but Siri fired back with "That's also easy, that's Hollie Smith."

"I'm going to give you one last chance Siri. Who is the best female, singer/song-writer, who is a lesbian, a bit chubby with their own TV show?"

"There is only one answer. The correct answer is Linda Topp from the Topp Twins," Siri said eventually, causing Moa to swear in her rage.

The apparently little known singer was joined on her show by singers Dave Dobbyn and Moana Maniapoto and mayoral candidate Chloe Swarbrick.

You can watch the full clip from last night's episode below.

All Talk with Anika Moa airs on Maori Television Thursdays at 9:30pm.