When Sydney singer Montaigne accepted her gong at the 1016 Aria Awards, she probably should have stuck to the speech she had written on her iPhone.

Winning Breakthrough Artist for her debut album Glorious Heights, the 21-year-old - whose real name is Jessica Cerro - seemed to have a heartfelt point to make.

But it all came out a little wrong when she started talking about her butt.

"My old mate, the real Montaigne, a French philosopher from centuries ago, once said a thing which was ..." she began before stumbling.


" ... Well, it was that ... 'On the highest throne in the world we still sit only on our bottoms'."

Then things got weird.

"I must remember that ... For the rest of my life I will probably eject at least three loads out of my butt every week, at least three times, and along with other ...

"Like a million other humans at the same time. I am human, like everyone else, and I must stay modest. This is just a thing."

As the audience and viewers watched on in confusion, Montaigne, who had the phrase, "People not profit" written on her chest, persevered with her point.

"Thank you so much, but ... Yeah. It's like, the recognition is amazing. But I am going to stay on my feet. This is ... I should have just read it verbatim."

Just something to remember for next time.

She later took to Twitter to explain that her real speech was "very clever" - she'd just chosen in the moment not to read it.